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Black Lives Matter Everywhere

What is Black Lives Matter Foundation UK?


The Black Lives Matter Foundation UK in joint purpose co-partners with BlackLivesMatter.uk and Charities Against Racism works independently with autonomy and the right to self-govern to get the best out of our charitable funds and objective to ultimately uplift and benefit black lives and end racism.

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About us


The Black Lives Matter Foundation is based in the UK and is here to help support black led projects, organisations, charities and services where it will have the most impact and effectiveness to provide long term change. We are an independent concern where we operate in the capacity of an agent to act in accordance with the values, ideologies and objective of the statement "Black Lives Matter" rather than buckle under the influence of what others may feel we need and not what we actually need to bring about a movement and societal shift against anti-black racism, to see a consistent cultural and change to dismantle racism here and around the world, racism against the black skin that's been allowed to persist for far too long. The time is here, let's do this!


We're eager to get funds out into education and into the communities and also to support the black economy in the process, and it will be a delight to support projects and causes that benefit, level up, uplifting black lives. The money we raise relies on individual suipport and donations, personal contributions, legacies and from corporate social responsibility, business engagement and official partnerships - those who support Black Lives Matter. Accumulated these pots will help fund black led project, charities, organisation, services, educational projects, in school and community support for the students and the young and other charitable causes to do the work we need to make black lives matter. 


Initially we were going to employ a fee paying UK independent charity to manage our Black Lives Matter Foundation, however, we have now reflected hard and we came to a decision we need the freedom from external forces, restraints, influences or control and to be as independent from the general status quo, mostly white led organisations and businesses we’ve always known that doesn’t priorities or necessarily have or minded to support the interest of black people, have little interest in levelling up, growing black economics as a major concern as a focus for their aims and objectives as we will endeavour do.

We will fund projects and other services who intend on helping grow the black business economy, this may determine who and where we choose to place our funds and is best without an intermediary but with autonomy to independently vet and choose recipients under the governed circumstance we deem fit to receive our awards. There will be on occasions it is simply not possible of even appropriate to insist project is majority black led and may need to revert to the old status quo on occasions for good reasons.


We’re committed and aim to keep the conversation going, placed right in the forefront of people’s minds, in households and national discussions and for as long as it takes until we eradicate the evils and immoral effects of racism from our children’s lives, from Black and Brown lives, from anti-racists lives who stand by us who want equality for all, and from societies where it detrimentally affects the very existence of Black and Brown people's, and humanity.


Racism needs to stop and it needs to stop now and each and every one of us regardless of skin tone has a role to play and to stand up, speak up and speak out LOUD against racism. Silence is not an option if we truly want and stand for equality.


We are collaborating for change with businesses, companies, organisation and individuals who want to be part of racial and social equality and change and appreciate this as an ideal opportunity in modern history to create that change together.


Copartnership with Black Lives Matter UK (www.blacklivesmatter.uk) and collabratively with Charities Against Racism (www.charitiesagainstracism.com) is to work to make that difference.

Black communities will benefit from creating commercial partnership for racial, social equality, equity and equal opportunities as well as community partnerships, so let’s make mutual connections for change sooner rather than later. We have no time to waste to fail another generation to suffer, deemed as the underclass, treated less than 2nd class citizens of our nation. We stand in unity with anti-racist for racial equality, for social justice and this must include parity, equity and equal opportunities. We stand with the oppressed and not with the oppressor for the sake of humanity everywhere. We stand with all people of the world to be treated as equals. A nations entire population and quality of life ultimately suffers and is all the less for it when it holds on to its historical prejudices, biases and continue to discriminates, marginalise and excludes sections of society and those who do will bear the fall out of a dysfunctional system too right along side and will not come out unscaved.



We exists to act as a support for Black lead organisations and in addition active anti-racist groups who want to bring uplifting empowering projects to life that will ultimately make a difference to black lives. These businesses, organisations, groups, individuals we partner with job will be to help us achieve our aims, objectives and goals and to get as much as possible out of the funds we raise. Most of the projects we fund will be within the UK, however doesn’t have to be a UK registered charity, we will still consider partnerships, support and funding award where appropriate to do so, within our funding capabilities. Our work and funding is primarily within the UK, however is not restricted or limited and at times, we may on occasions provide awards to support causes outside of the UK.

Black Lives Matter Foundation UK will partner with corporate, commercial business as well as charitable causes who want to eradicate racism and we will distribute funding awards to black led projects, groups, organisations and anti-racist charities we choose, our funding projects are inclusive and may have non-black staff and others working alongside or using the project, service, and as long as the project or purpose of funding fits the criteria subject to the eligibility in our funding framework this inclusivity is ultimately with the goal in eradicating racism. Our work and funding is primarily within the UK, however is not restricted or limited and at times, we may on occasions provide awards to support causes outside of the UK.


Black Lives Matter Foundation will complete administrative reports that supports our funding account information to ensure all funds distributed is done correctly with an annual round up report at the end of each year and or financial year 2020-21, published in 2022 - leaving us free for the rest of the year to concentrate on what we need to do more of and that is to support Black Lives Matter UK (www.blacklivesmatter.uk) to achieve raising as much funds as possible in the interest of racial equality, social justice equity and equal opportunities.

The Black Lives Matter Foundation will be co-funding awards during 2021 and aim to continue beyond into the future.


Black Lives STILL Matter and will always matter.


Purpose - The purpose of the Black Lives Matter Foundation is to provide a firming base building upwards and to build 'Black better' with the resources dedicated to black lives. 


To distribute funding (subject to availability), generally within the UK in order to fill the lack of expenditure and deficits from central and local governments consistent and inefficient support for Black people and communities and to avoid the adverse effects of racism that creates inequalities leaving Black people to be less than equal - Racism underlies lack of opportunities is consistently oppressive, and subsequently difficulties if succeeding as a categorised group and or individually and a lifetime of trauma, harm, hardship.


Racism racism racism.

When and where does racism start to noticeably rear its ugly head?



Racism in Education

Of course those who knows feel it and we know racism starts the very day Black and Brown babies are born into a systemic racist system and society, however it all starts to negatively impact the Black and Brown child the moment he or she walks through the school gate as loving parents hand their innocence child unaffected by racism over to the care of the institutional educational system, for long 12 years, until around age 18.


Children starting as early as in primary school experience racism within an educational system that (inadvertently and or cultured and mastered) sets Black kids up to fail and White kids up to succeed. Black and Brown children begin to realise subconsciously in the psyche, the human soul, mind and spirit they are not good enough, not valued as much as the White children and soon becomes apparent even when not verbalised in feeling or vocalised, and as it happen between parent and child for some time, (too hurtful to hear too hard to express, so kept silent for a few years) so the discriminated child falls back taking their assumed position and place behind White children in every way, and the darker the skin the further behind in value they go. This repeats itself in the whole of society as the child expands independently and as a categorised group navigating the purpose built obstacles out into the wider world as adults.

A system, a culture of discrimination, racism that has been and still is incomprehensible accepted, fostered and adopted and has been for far too long. We expected most to agree it’s over time for systematic change and the opportunity is here with us all right now, let grab it and don't let go to we reach the top of the mountain.


Racism vs Nurture

We have a UK system that doesn’t care to nurture Black kids as they do White kids to reach their full potential. A system that invests in White kids expecting them to do better and Black kids to do less than better, less than White kids often ignoring Black Kids true and actual ability to succeed.


Racism in the System

We have an educational system that prefers, includes and nurtures White kids to succeed that is the very same flawed system that simultaneously (unwittingly or not) shows contempt, habitually excludes and neglects Black kids. Perceives and views Black kids behaviour differently often accused of having a ‘bad attitude’ when standing up for what they feel is acts of injustice and or generally acting (out) in the same manner as White kids, however interpreted differently as ‘bad behaviour’ ‘challenging’ often considered ‘threating’ and 'aggressive’ subsequently leading to harsher sanctions, disproportionally and recklessly excluding from school without due care, some into PRU’s and on occasions without any education at far to making extremely vulnerable to the streets setting Black and Brown children up to fail is ultimately a flawed and failed system that needs to be overhauled with systematic change. And as priority.

Tackling effects of racism early.


We tackle racism by investing and believing in Black and Brown children and young people who we know can do far better when freed from the weighted burden of racism, when given the space, the chance opportunity and their voice that will be heard – Nurtured by supporting adults in environment that believes in them, then they will succeed.


We champion Black and Brown children for the future ahead, their adult future that's not too far in the distant when the stakes are higher and ability to function and succeed is potentially lost, in a state that remains discriminatory and the odds are against you and not calling you on - We've got our children’s back to push forward and still waiting for the system to catch up.

Anti-racist education an alternative to 'diversity and inclusion' 

British schools have failed to deal with institutional racism since the early mid 40’s, by know the system should know better but is clearly lacking any real care or actual awareness, clarity of the ramification of suffering racial discrimination for 12 long years in education, and some times longer as it don't stop there if going to university. For the last decade children have been discard like rotten apples tainted hanging about in the fruit bowl that that has to be binned, excluded as not good enough and gone too far to pay any positive attention to - nothing quite compares to the apples teacher used to, expect and prefers, taken care of attention paid and favoured.

The educational system has long been institutionally racist and has done little to fix their failures and short comings and simply defaults to be institutionally racist to a categorised cohort of students that is non-White. Offers no adequate response or effort in action to tackle racism in the education system, but it inaction has long perpetuated upholding and endorses the system and institution of racism in education that's not to dissimilar from their parents past experiences, much of the same stories arises from as all those year ago, only today the learning establishments simply don't bother to retain in school preferring to exclude rather than take responsibility to change their way, but to blame the children and parents.

So, now students, parents, civil and social activists and even teachers are demanding a more assertive and bold effort to eradicate racism in all its forms to come out as anti-racist opposed to long held silence and passive surrender as if "it's the way" it should be or has to be if you non-White.


'Anti-racist education' is a progressive alternative to 'diversity and inclusion' currently it appears for Black and Brown children there's diversity but little 'inclusion' in the Diversity & Inclusion Policy, maybe a more fitting title would be 'Diversity and Exclusion'.

Progressive Teachers in Support


Many progressive educators are waking up to the pervasive extent of systemic racism that's equally embedded in our educational system as it is society, which of course makes sense, why would we not expect it to be within the learning establishment made up of people from the very society far and wide. The discriminatory culture needs to change and progressive educators want to learn more about how these embedded preconceived perception of catergorised children in our thought processes can be altered.

We aim to support children, pupils, students, particular primary through secondary and projects that support the educator too, we respect and support the teacher who wants to change the system and for children in the same school all to have similar positive experience and outcome to each ability, as well as supporting the child who both are part of one intrinsic and integral system that goes hand in hand, with only one hand you can't clap the other – The educational system sets us up for life and is probably the most important system that shapes us, shapes our future to a large extent and influences so much of us, our character, happiness and sadness and over so many years too – Show us the child we will show you the person that is an constituent part and embodies the adult, it's far too important to leave it to chance. Let’s change the way in the very stage and vital, most impressionable period it can make the most difference, school years.

Teachers appear more likely to prospectively misperceive Black children as angry than White children

Anger biases based on race most certainly extend to teachers and in all establishments as it does in society, why would we expect anything different. It’s all but unavoidable is a system that is long intuitional racist and defensive to truly acknowledge its needs a fundamental shift. Though this statement "institutional racist" is always going to be hard to swallow and to accept even with the past history, generation of Black and Brown adults schooled in Britain telling the same story of their experiences not to dissimilar from their children's decades apart as well as the year on year published stats and report after report of underachieving Black children. As expected many will be protective, defensive and even offended, particularly when they don't feel they have biases and or racist, but are they actively ant-racists? Anti-racism actions take continued work and effort to rid century old systems cultured for what was then even if it should be quite different in modern times. If consistently and over decades things are not working for a categorised group and getting worse than someone has to have a long hard look in the mirror. It's likely to be the dame people that have issue with the statement "Black Lives Matter" and want it both ways!

Progressive educators are now willing and doing standing up to be counted and ready to change.

Anger bias has huge consequences by increasing Black children's experiences of disliking teachers, school, education leading on to despising going to school only to be greeted with preconceived ideas and of not being understood by their teachers and for it will feel like school is not for them, all stemming from these built up bad experiences of biases of racism from primary that transfers with them to secondary, with no escape to leave it all behind. Preconceived often negative notions of Black children often leads to these children being disciplined unfairly, temporary and permanently excluded from school and at an alarming rate more often than their White peers, which can have long-term consequence going into adulthood where after leaving education it all carries on with less opportunities and when employed racism in the workplace.


Not only does it affect Black boys but it affects Black girls too who are also marginalised and misperceived as angry as and louder than White girls, with Black boys evoking the most anger bias of all. Anger bias against Black children can have many negative and dire consequences and leads to build up anger on the young person part too. Black children's negative experiences at school also contribute to the disparity achievement gap between Black and White students and little has been done to rectify and effort to close the gap.

Progressivism in the Classroom

What is Progressivism?

Progressivism is where teachers believe that each child is unique and will learn individually based off what is significant for that person's life to know and understand. As a progressivist teacher will guide and coach in the classroom.

Progressivist teachers

In the classroom the teacher will have a lot of group work and to have students work together to find curiosity, feeding off what each already knows. The teacher will also be able to tend to children more one on one, allowing time to help each child meet their own needs. This type of environment promotes curiosity and is a safe place for students to explore their own minds without being told they are wrong. Another thing about progressivist teachers is that they use a lot of real life examples, they are preparing children for the "real world" taking on social responsibility to discuss racism in the classroom. This way of progressive teaching still allows the children to incorporate structure with the class constructing their own knowledge. This theory is based off student direction.


Multicultural education is an educational approach which positively seeks to acknowledge, respect and embrace diversity in culture, creed, race, ethnicity language through inclusion of diversity in the school ethos, curriculum.

It's an educational failure not to educate all children of all races about racism and the silence and omission perpetuates racial discrimination to people because of their colour, culture and or ethnic origin. It can be seen to harbour racist attitudes and behaviour which amount to racial discrimination and it's an educational and social responsibility to educate and neglect through abstention and or unwitting prejudice, ignorance, thoughtlessness and racist stereotyping not to, which disadvantages non-White and minority ethnic people by failure to incorporate educating for Anti-Racism in learning establishments in a society of such diversity we live as full citizen, having the right to equally participate in a world and share.


Black Advocates for Children



Black Advocates for Children (BAC) Project is an Advocacy Project for Black Children between the ages of 9-12 based in schools and youth centres, funded through partnerships with Black Lives Matter Foundation (www.blacklivesmatterfoundation.uk), and Black Lives Matter UK www.blacklivesmatter.uk 

Black Advocates for Children (BAC) Project runs over a 52 week period, 3 hours per day, 5 days per week and work swith Black children, parents and teachers within Schools and Youth Centres between the ages of 9-13, years 5-6 primary and years 7-8 secondary, important transitional years.

The project allows Black Advocates for Children (BAC) facilitators to advocate and be a voice for young BAC project participants and their parents to help them navigate where it’s felt conscious/unconscious bias exists within the school educational system and society and to also support teachers to recognise the potential of biases existing when dealing with children of colour in contrast to their peers with similar behaviour and conduct. And then to question if sanction of exclusion is disproportionate to children of Black and Brown skin and unequal to children of white skin.



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Aims & Objectives

Aims, objectives is to support all involved and reduce all types of exclusions and transfer to PRU’s, avoid sitiuations which makes young Black children vulnerable and exposed to groomers and potential harm, criminal activity, sexual exploitation and victims of crime. 


To create and support a positive and productive outome in relationships, between teachers and students and the ultimate outcome of reducing sanctions of exclusions in turn increasing qualifications, participation and achievements.


Keeping Black students in mainstream school will serve to increase job opportunities, productivity and good mental health and importantly for Black and Brown children to enjoy their school experiences to the fullest extent, that remains in memory for a lifetime.

Contribute to Anti-Racism Education

New call for Anti-Racism education in British Schools


Funding applications coming soon!

The Black Lives Matter Foundation UK is aiming to provide grants of up to £1500 and will be open to applications from students and staff from primary and secondary schools, initially in the London area having the most diverse city in the world, if successful in impact and outcome we will extend across other regions of the UK.


The Black Lives Matter Foundation UK aims to support initiatives across both primary and secondary schools and within other child provisions in the community who wish to contribute to raising awareness of issues related to racial equality, social justice, diversity and equity and to challenge discrimination, racial inequalities and facilitate implementation of good anti-racist practice.


Primary and secondary staff and students are welcome to apply if they have a project that meets the above criteria and seeks to contribute to a radical and expeditious social shift, and where equality and diversity strategy are priorities for action in the area of ‘race’.


Application process

If you have a project that meets the conditions of the Black Lives Matter Foundation UK and you would like to apply, please read the 'Further Information', REQUEST Application Form and send COMPLETE FORM back to info@blacklivesmatterfoundation.uk

Change must come

Time for non-racist to become active anti-racist, time for inaction to evolve into action, it's time 'we' changed.



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